Wedding invitation etiquette and protocol are so important to your special day. Whether you are doing the invites yourself or hiring someone make sure you know the “guidelines” for the perfect invitations. Above Amber shares some great tips however I would like to add to her tips.

My five tips are as follows:

1. A wedding website is a great way to keep the wedding party and guest updated leading up to the wedding and after the wedding.
a. Here is a DYNAMIC example:

2. If guest need to reserve their hotel by a certain time frame for a group rate state they need to “Kindly reserve your room by …”
a. It is also best to select more than one hotel at different.

3. If liquor or wine will be available at your reception then state whether it is an open bar or a cash bar so there is no confusion.
a. A cash bar is where the expenses is the guest.
b. An open bar is where the expense is on you as the host.
c. It is acceptable to have an open for the first two drinks or for a set time frame such as an hour while waiting for the Bride and Groom to join the reception.

4. If the wedding allows children however the reception does not clearly state it.

5. It is best to specify wedding attire.
a. Trust me assume nothing. Ex: Black Tie Optional, Semi-Formal…

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