Love this place! Yes, I LOVE this place to life. They know my food and drink order when they see walk through the door. How cool is that?!? Steamhouse Lounge in Atlanta is a REAL LIFE Cheers…Where Everybody Knows Your Name and for that matter your drink, your food order, the days you are likely to stop by and even where you want to sit! Love MY Steamhouse crew.
Well, they at it again. Please see details below. TRUST ME these people KNOW how to party so if you do as well then meet me there. Also, check out some of their daily specials.

Monday ~ 1lb Snow Crab ($12) & Goombay Smash ($5)
Tuesday ~ Beer Night ($1.50) & Trivia at 8pm
Wednesday ~ Dozen Raw Oysters ($7) | ½ Dozen Char-Grilled Oysters ($7) | House Wine ($4)
Thursday ~ Well Drinks ($4)

Yep Steamhouse is a GREAT second kitchen and awesome place to meet clients during the day. Oh yeah…THE LOBSTER BISQUE is EVERYTHING and authenic at BEST. Give them a try and share Keystrokes By Kimberly sent you.

Steamhouse Lounge ~ Screamhouse
Steamhouse Lounge ~ Screamhouse

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