Awesome read! This is some of the most useful social media tools and marketing dynamics I have seen thus far. Amazed that it was all done in 335 pages. Mitch leaves no T uncrossed in this book. The books dedication was inspiring enough. It reads:

“To all entrepreneurs wishing

to create a life of freedom, joy, and prosperity

by tapping the amazing power

of the internet”

What a powerful and intriguing statement! This inspired me to step up my game even further in some aspects of my life.  It in encouraged me to reevaluated my 2013 marketing plan and goals both personally and professionally.  As a PR Professional with over 20 years’ experience I learned several proven tips and tactics which I plan to implement in the very near future. This book covers it all from social networking to blogs to web TV to mobile marketing. It even goes as far as providing a detailed list of resources from over 20 top social media marketers. Below are highlights and sections which I found most helpful.

~ Building Your Relationship Strategy

~ The Six Key Principles Of Marketing Online

~ How To Create A Mega-Following With Social Media

~ How To Profit From Your Social Media Efforts

~ Using Social Bookmarks To Improve Your Traffic, Links, And Visibility.

For me these topics were RED HOT and much needed as I plan to launch more projects in 2013. Keep a watchful eye out for my amazing developments! I see you looking. Lol…


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