Let’s cross those T’s and dot those I’s to ensure 2013 is even GREATER! January is my clean up month. This is the month where I tie up any and all loose ends personally and professionally so that I may do the following:

  1. Map out my 30~60~90 day plans quarterly both personally and professionally. Have the real estate mindset that what you do in this 30 days will pay or benefit you in the next 90 days.
  2. Evaluate what I want to achieve by MY new year which is my birthday. {Yes, I have my own new year. Lol}
  3. Select my top three goals personally and professionally which I WILL ACHIEVE and set up my game plan and focus plan to do so. By this I mean lay out every possible scenario to achievement from the GREAT to the Ugly along with your plan(s) to overcome every possible obstacle.
  4. Get organized for 2013! Whatever you need get it. Whether it be a housekeeper to a cook to a day planner to an office makeover to a couples retreat to you name it make sure you get it. Lol
  5. Evaluate your goals quarterly to make sure you are on point and doing it well!

*Make sure your goals are achievable based on your efforts and your efforts only. If you are married or a single parent make another set of goals together.

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