~ Tory Burch ~
~ Tory Burch ~
The Tory Burch Foundation is doing GREAT things for Women Entrepreneurs! Great I say…. The Tory Burch Foundation has created an initiative and partnership with Bank of America for women entrepreneur. The program is designed to provide early stage guidance, capital and networking opportunities beyond belief to women in the United States.

~ Elizabeth Street ~
~ Elizabeth Street ~

I am tickled pink. This is BIG! The new company is Elizabeth Street Capital. Elizabeth Street refers to the New York City boutique of Tory Burch’s first location. This launching pad has been the birth of so many of her visions. This is the birthplace were grew into a global brand with nearly 120 boutique and stores present in more than 50 countries around the world. The Tory Burch name speaks to determination, dedication, hard work and passion which drives successful entrepreneurial ventures and to the enormous potential of women-owned small businesses.

~ She Believed ~
~ She Believed ~

Boston, Charlotte, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco get ready because you are the initial launching cities. Launching with an investment of $10 million in capital from Bank of America and funding for operating expenses the program is sure to be a game changer for many deserving women.

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Information ~ http://tinyurl.com/mbj65dx
FAQ ~ http://tinyurl.com/ljvd47d
Contact ~ http://tinyurl.com/oczstch

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