Today we celebrate 19 years of life for my son ~ Sir Jon!  I had him on Mother’s Day in 1993. THE BEST MOTHER’S DAY GIFT EVER!!!!!  What a gift! {Forever Grateful} He still blesses me abundantly. I still recall every moment of labor & birth like it was yesterday.

~ The final episode of A Different World was airing ~ The one where Whitley found out she & Dwayne were expecting. Lol…

~ Labor started on Friday & I delivered on Sunday at 5:41pm.

Grateful to ALL my labor cheerleaders! I WILL NEVER FORGET THE PRESENCE OF MY MOTHER & FATHER. Priceless moments which will FOREVER be cherished. I had my son at the same hospital I was born at AND the same doctor which delivered my brother & I delivered Sir Jon. Priceless. Priceless moments which will FOREVER be cherished. I would not trade those moments or any of our mother/son moments for all the tea China!  I simply adore our priceless & breathless moments!!!

The below image was traveling around Facebook & Twitter and I found it most appropriate for today!!!

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