The Sistah Chick aka sweet Stacey Taylor had her first Sistahs Do Bunch event on Sunday, March 9th for her select twelve guests. Stacey’s guest for this brunch were the key twelve people who took her to her next level when she lost her job last year. Now let me share Stacey is a go getter and she turned that job lost into the job lost her because she has been doing dynamic and amazing things since I met her in October of 2013. Never in a million years would I have imagined that she lost her job and as result was pushed in to this beautiful and rewarding space that she is in. She definitely turned those lemons into fine southern lemonade. Please read more about Sistahs Do Brunch.

After her brunch Stacey had a gift bag giveaway and I was the lucky winner. This gift bag was a jackpot!!!!! Below is a picture of all the goodness. I want to say THANK YOU to Stacey Taylor, Sistah Chick, The Sistah Café, AIO Wireless, Friends Fun Wine In A Can, Jessi Curl, Pure Apple Publishing and Sistah Buttah.

Sista Chick

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