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Hello Beautiful Ones!

Whenever I think about not blogging any longer or not being a social influencer I reflect on them I thought Tami Reed with Talking With Tami. She help push me into the blogging world and I have interviewed her twice. She gives me life and encouragement directly and indirectly in this industry. So, today I am representing Tami Reed of Talking With Tami. As I have shared before I just love her spirit and determination. Tami is a beautiful soul, with a beautiful story and definitely one to keep an eye on. If you thought she was moving and shaking when I interviewed her in 2013 and 2014 then baby you should see her now. She is really shinning and two stepping on a whole new level! Simply, stated she is doing the thing and doing it well! Here is our interview from 2014.

Tami Reed & I
Tami Reed & I

~ Have you had any encounters with the people who snubbed you along the way?

Yes, I see people like that daily and I kill them with kindness! Just a few weeks ago, one person who use to belittle me, had to do an interview with me. She was astounded with ALL the accomplishments I have achieved! That goes to show you, you just never know what someone can blossom into! Lol…

~ How are you balancing work and family life today with your increase travel schedule and appearances?

My daughter just got her driver’s license this month and turned seventeen so that is a big help! Lol… She is my mini me. My son is fifthteen now and with them becoming teenagers, it has become easier for me to manage them and allowed me to bloom in ways unimaginable. With the demand to travel and do more things now, it has become much easier since they have their own lives. Plus we ALWAYS have Mr. Reed there to give a helping hand.

~ Is working for E! News still on your bucket list of opportunities?

Yes, E! News is still on my bucket list and it is so funny because I have been doing a lot of guest appearances on TV shows lately as a style expert, model and reporter on all things fashion, maybe this is Gods way of training me, we just never know! Ha!

Tami Reed of On Atlanta & Co
Tami Reed of On Atlanta & Co

~ Now do you have a Talking With Tami Staff and Team?

It is still just me and a few photographers I use! I also work with The Green Room Agency as my official glam squad for all things hair and makeup however I still run the blog, my websites needs and other daily happenings by myself.

~ Share with us your Essence experience?

To say I had a blast at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood would be an understatement. I did not know what to expect however they delivered pure fun! I was able to meet so many influential women of color! It was truly an experience, honor and pleasure. The setting was perfect and Lincoln Motor Company thought I was worthy enough to send as one of their top bloggers and social media influencers. The experience was priceless and one of the best things I have ever done in my life! The love and support in the room was unreal. I was able to personally meet actress Kerry Washington, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, and of course Oprah! Yes, it does not get any sweeter than that!

~ Share with us your New York Fashion Week Experience?

New York Fashion Week was unbelievable and amazing! I want to go back right now! I met so many fashion designers, saw many spectacular shows, attend parties and rub elbows with some of the famous who’s who in fashion! I also was afforded the opportunity to work with a lot of fashion designers and brands. I wore their designs throughout the week and cried like a baby when I had to return home! I was truly in the essence of my element. The only disappointment was not being able to meet fashion designer Michael Costello or attend Betsey Johnson’s show because I had already left the big apple, sigh!

Tami Reed At NYC Fashion Week
Tami Reed At NYC Fashion Week

~ Share with us your Vogue Influencer experience?

The Vogue Blogger Influencer is a very exclusive private network of bloggers Vogue works with exclusively. We blog about the hottest new items coming out and attend select events they host. While in NYC for fashion week, I had the opportunity to attend Vogue’s style lounge and one of their panel discussions with H&M. Vogue is always a good thing!

~ What is your day typical day like now that you have advanced to a new level?

My day is pretty hectic, as I type this I am preparing for a press junket to Jamaica! Yes, Jamaica and I leave this week. I am pretty excited about it. Although my schedule is pretty crazy, I take it all in stride and count my blessings! Still lots of meetings, calls to return, interviews, traveling and blogging, in that order!

~ What is your next dream opportunity?

My dream opportunity is to be a Red Carpet Correspondent for a major news outlet and cover all things fashion and interview the biggest and greatest celebrities…fingers crossed!

~ What key items should every blogger have? Ex: Camera etc…

Key items would be a great camera but when you advance, you then hire a fab photographer; you won’t have time to snap pictures anymore. I have three photographers I work with now. Two are here in Atlanta named Genae Banks Photography and Robin Lori Photography. In NYC I use Photography by Leandra. A mini-iPad also comes in handy, a hot spot, great android, a laptop that you can travel with and remember to have great fashion brands and public relations representatives on speed-dial for last minute wardrobe looks you can pull for events, red carpets, TV appearances etc…

~ What three points of advice would you give blooming bloggers?

Be Smart, Be Savvy and Be Fabulous! Meaning use your noggin and think about what you want to put out in the universe, be savvy in using all your resources and connections and always look your best and represent your brand well!

~ When is your next blogger luncheon?

I have been working on so many things, that it has been hard to do my blogger luncheons right now but when I slow down a bit, I’m going to try to do one more! This time around I will have a fantastic special guest confirmed with me! It takes a lot of preparation and I hate throwing things together last minute. I like them to be intimate and grand, so it takes time and good planning.

~ Any closing remarks?

Yes, I’m featured in a new book “Dark Girls” that hit book stores November 4th with Lupita Nyong’o on the cover. It is filled with 75 Top influential African American women like Brandy, Cicely Tyson, Paulette Washington and so many more. I think I am the only blogger! I am also in a new documentary directed by Bill Duke called, Light Girls which comes out this Fall on the OWN Network where they talk to women about their experiences with dark skin. I am very blessed to do something I absolutely love.

Now do you see why I love her so? Please follow her at or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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