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I have attend Cherry Blossom and Azalea festivals for over thirty year! I mean lots of them and nationwide. Some have even become traditions for me and I am pretty sure this will be added to the list.  This past weekend I was invited to the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival and it was truly a pleasant surprise. Surprise? Yes, a pleasant one because there were so many funny moments with the pets and kiddos. I saw a puppy who did not want to perform in the pet parade and little people (kids) who did not want to leave the kids zone at any cost. I simply fell in love with the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival. Yes, completely in love with it. As previously shared this was a two day event full of family fun, great food, live music and a really cool kids zone.  The crowd was full of lots of great karma, vibes and energy.  The weather was perfect. The crowd size was perfect. The festival flow was perfect. I attended on Saturday and had a ball. Here is my day in pictures.

Photo Credit | Keystrokes By Kimberly

The car show was EVERYTHING! This was my favorite in the car show. It reminds me of Cuba and I want to visit Cuba soon. I love the vibrant colors and the interior was AMAZING!

Photo Credit | Keystrokes By Kimberly

This was the t-shirt design for 2017. It was so visually appealing. I loved it.

Photo Credit | Keystrokes By Kimberly

This was from The Fry Guy! Let’s just say this was the tasty mess presented by him and it was AWESOME! It has to give a shout out to Muenster Soul! Their grilled cheese with Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, & Mac ‘n Cheese is so very good!

Photo Credit | Keystrokes By Kimberly

This was a great Kids Zone. Look at this face painting! This was so exciting. I had so much fun with great people. There was even dancing on the lawn to the live music. Please keep up with future festivals.

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