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Now you know this is the perfect time of year for survival of the toughest as we explore new territory and challenges. So let me tell you about Escape The Room hosted by Paranoia Quest! Escape The Room is surreal. Just imagine being locked in a room and being forgotten? What would you do? How would you get out? Who would want on your escape team? Yes, I did say forgotten with no way out other than playing an escape game. Yes, like on Scandal when Olivia Pope was kidnapped and taken abroad! Can you escape? Will you escape? With your visit to Escape The Room you are challenged to escape the room in real time by solving puzzles, embracing clues and cashing in on your wit to ensure your freedom to escape. Careful now because it becomes very REAL at times!

Where is this you ask? Well, Escape The Room is part of the Paranoia Quest family located at 72 Broad Street here in Atlanta, GA. They offer adventure, team building and special events. I will be visiting soon for my real life adventure experience and I want to offer one lucky winner two tickets to experience Escape The Room as well! Just follow the directions below to be entered. I will announce the winner on Friday, October 23rd.

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Best of wishes and look for my event recap coming soon.

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