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“All My Babies Mamas” is the name of his upcoming reality show. Of course African Americans and other communities are in an uproar! I mean really “All My Babies Mamas”. No Oxygen and Lo Tribe think better of yourselves. DO NOT SELL OUT! Why not just call it one of the following:

~ Shawty Lo’s Sister Wives & Kids or The 22 of Us


~ One More Reality Show Degrading African Americans Featuring Shawty Lo So You Can Help Him Pay Bills


~ Let’s Save Oxygen By Presenting Another Hot Mess Reality Show Featuring Shawty Lo & His Tribe.

You see Mr. Carlos Lo has 11 children by 10 women and is only 36 years old. To top it off, as if that was not enough, the “baby mamas” all have unique labels/titles to match their alleged personas like “Bourgeoisie”, “Crazy”, “Fighter”, “Stalker” etc… I feel a class in etiquette coming on and a couple of parenting classes IF this show makes it way to the airways. There is a HUGE movement to stop the show through an online petition and YES I hope it gets stopped. To sign the petition please visit www.Change.Org to see WHY you should sign the petition started by Sabrina Lamb’s asking Oxygen to drop their offensive “All My Babies’ Mamas” reality.

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