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Recently, I was doing my daily surf of the web for some interesting content when I came across the above picture on Facebook.  As I continued to surf it appeared on other social media sites as well.  Now I am all for freedom of expression and social media and sharing what you want to share however my concern about the above picture is this.

1)      When the Mother did this out of anger, pain and/or disbelief did she ever consider how this could go viral?

2)      What about the two children?

3)      How will they be affected?

4)      Is her privacy violated?

5)      Did she help to violate her privacy further through this gesture of acting out?

My thoughts go on and on.

1)      My first concern was and still is her children.

2)      My second concern is in most states you can access someone and their key information through their licenses plates

All too often I have witnessed people’s challenging reactions to situations which they would have been better off waiting to respond to once cooler heads prevailed. It is just like replying to that email before taking it all in.  She probably had no idea this one gesture would have gone viral nor the affect it may have on her family unit. THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU REACT, REPLY OR RESPOND

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