So I was blog surfing last night after the games. My West Coast Team ~ #RaiderNation (Oakland Raiders) lost to the Redskins and my East Coast Team ~ The Dirty Birds (Atlanta Falcons) lost to the Patriots so I needed to calm my nerves so I surfed the internet for writing inspiration. Any who I ran across three different blogs taking part in BOLD MOVES OCTOBER! What is Bold Moves October? Well, Bold Moves October is an initiative started to give people the confidence to take charge of their own lives and direct their destinies. It is about acknowledging you are worthy of what you desire. Too often we knowingly or unknowingly live in a space called fear. Well, it is time to stop and dare to live life to the fullest through BOLD MOVES OCTOBER!

The Day Life Begins
The Day Life Begins

BMO is thirty-one days of empowerment, vulnerability, embracing your fears and using them as momentum and fuel to design your life as how YOU want to live. It is turning worry to hope and the belief if you throw enough wishes into the fountain one of those wishes will be just enough to make the whole fountain overflow with everything you ever wanted. In 31 days the only thing you can lose is your chance, so go be joyous in your fearless attempts to design your desired life through BOLD MOVES OCTOBER.

The Little Things

Here are the guidelines

1. Above anything else, remember it is only 31 days. You can do anything for a month. But with 31 days, you also need to start right now.
2. Be ready. Get dressed every morning like you are going to run into your ex. Better yet, get dressed every morning like you are going to meet the person who will change your life forever.
3. Get a Bold Moves friend. You are going to need support. Select someone who will hold you accountable. Report your failures. Reward your successes.
4. Recognize the first week of BOLD MOVES OCTOBER will be harrowing and the last week will be spiritually enlightening.

Photo Credit | Ten 23 Designs
Photo Credit | Ten 23 Designs

Let’s do it! Send the email. Give the compliment. Say hello. And remember, there’s a whole team behind you tagging every adventure of courage with #BoldMovesOctober and/or #BMO.

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