Whew! 2012 was a growing stage for me personally as a blogger and I am ready to take it higher in 2013! This year I am really ready to ramp up my career and I am stoked about doing it.  As I sift through the ideas of what I’m going to do, I thought I’d share my own personal list of items I want to accomplish so you can hold me accountable as well and consider doing the same. {Smile}

  1. Review all my social media, blogger and affiliate programs.
    I have joined more of these than you could ever imagine!  I joined each one and every one of them in hopes of effectively growing my readerships however now it is just time to thin them out and make sure everything is stream lined.
  2. Better Engagement with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.
    I try to engage on these four sites on a regular bases however it has been a little challenging for me at times.  This year I will incorporate a monthly schedule of engagement for these to figure out what works best for THE BUTTERFLY! Lol…
    1. I will be rotating badges in and out on my site
    2. Make sure my site(s) remains focus, neat and clean.
    3. Add words of the day, messages of the week and a monthly theme.

*I am going to let go of any groups on Facebook and LinkedIn which I am not actively participating in as I should.

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