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  1. I couldn’t figure out how to add my logo on here. You can see my button on my sidebar on I think mine shows off my blog well, with a cartoon me, and my pets on it. It sums me up real well.

  2. My logo can be found at the top of my website –
    It’s simple and clean, but shows a bit of action. I plan to write more about travel – as I move across the country hosting events for women business owners. So I think the logo captures the idea of action/movement/travel without being complicated or having to create an icon.

    1. STOP THE PRESS ~ Your logo is truly representing you. I love it. Even the swooosh represents travel in my eyes. If you would like to travel more I have a travel agency and would love to have attend some site visits with me. Let’s talk soon.

      1. Thanks Kimberly. Let’s connect!

    2. Your logo is gorgeous!

      1. Thank you! My graphics guy Jeff of Current Creations is pretty good when it comes to getting creative. When my logo was created I need face association with my name and that is what he came up with.

      2. Thanks Lisa Marie!

  3. RG is the logo for RETHA Groenewald Author blog. The logo is not on the blog as such yet, because I haven’t figured out how to add it with specific theme. However, it is the same as the flavicon at

    1. Let’s get this done so that you are branded completely! 🙂

      1. I am not getting it right.
        But my Discover Bible Treasures blog at http://www.discoverbibletreasures has its logo in the banner – pomegranates. Pomegranate is a mysterious fruit with a lot to discover…613 seeds.

        1. Let’s talk about this further. Tell me how you are not getting it right. Explain please.

          1. I am using one of the WordPress themes. I asked a friend who does webdesign to design a logo for me. Whenever we insert the logo where it should go it decreases the size and everything is smaller. THat is why I only have my name on the top.

          2. Got it! There is a FB group of web designers that may be able to help with this. Search FB for them.

  4. I have a few logos. The header of my blog being the Downtown area of Los Angeles, and another which is a snow angel. They both symbolize my blog “Minnesota Girl in LA.” I want people to remember the Minnesota when they think of me and my blog.

    1. Got it! Understood

  5. My logo is at the top of my blog, it is the picture of the blond reading a book in my button as well.

    1. Hi Melanie ~ Please check your website. It is pulling up a Go Daddy page. 🙁

  6. My logo is my header and my blog button. My husband is eventually going to add mouse ears to the girl or something Disney of the sort. He is my logo/photoshop guy but he works 2 jobs and goes to school. We are also going to shrink some of the header because we think it is too big. My colors are purple, yellow, and gold.

  7. I already have a logo created. I changed it already when I transferred over to WordPress. I’m not changing it again. 🙂 Great points that you put in your post about logos.

  8. My logo is in my header I found the basic graphic and had someone add the shopping bags. I love it!

    1. Love it Barb! Seems to a GREAT fit.

  9. My current logo is at the top of my blog but I want to change it. It just never was a perfect fit. I need something that speaks more of family, food, creativity, and fun. I’m thinking I need one that has pictures of some of my artwork in it.

    1. Yes, let’s get you a new logo. The current one is not representing you or your brand. My vision for your logo should include a picture of you because your title involves you. Perhaps something in an L shape with your picture inside and the words Family | Food | Fun below.

  10. My logo (as such) is on the header of my blog and in my blog button on the side bar:

    I chose to use a maple leaf to represent Canada, and some handwriting font to make it more of a “personal” thing – like I’m writing them a letter or something. Would love to hear your feedback. 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa ~ I like it. Good concept. I would suggest adding another color to it so it will pop on letterhead,business cars etc… so that when it is present alone it still stands out. Some additional colors to consider are Tiffany Blue or a Bold Golden Yellow or nice Burnt Orange. Please let me know if you have questions.

  11. My logo is at the top of my blog. I have had people say I should have a photo of myself instead, but I like my logo! I also paid to have it done. But I’m not sure about it. I have seen that character in other places. It’s definitely not original. Thoughts?

    1. Honestly you have a header versus a logo. Try to get a logo made with the person. You are right the lady is in a lot of places however WE like it! 😉 I would jazz up the header to make a logo. Make writing a little bigger. Have more items present like pens, coffee a phone etc…

  12. I honestly have no idea where to start for a logo. None. Signed, logoless.

    I do have a blog button which shows my cat laying on her face. I have a tagline which really sums me up in life, in my writing (hoping to be published at some point), etc. Tagline: “sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, always real.” Stumped on a logo.

    1. I would suggest your logo having a clean look like site and a picture of yourself since your blog is name after you. In the logo I think a beautiful sunrise or sunset would speak volumes.

  13. My blog logo is actually my header and button for now. I plan to change it all in the near future though. I like it for what it is now.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!!!

  14. My logo is on the header of my blog, I also have a button on the side bar, because I am building my brand recognition to be the dove (my daughter’s name is Paloma and I started the blog after having her). I might change the button at some point if this is too abstract, maybe by adding text to it. Thanks for another great mini-challenge!

  15. This is my logo:×150.jpg

    And my expanded header logo:

    They both should display my love for fashion and tech. 🙂

    1. Yes, they do! I am a regular reader of your blog. 🙂

  16. I am NOT in love with my “logo” – it’s ok, but you’re so right, your logo should really define you better. Mine is at the top of But really – I think that my Facebook profile pic is almost more of my logo – I use that on my blog About Me, across all of my social media, etc. And every time I meet other bloggers at a conference, they actually recognize me based off of that pic. So – I’m in the process of finding something totally new for mine – love your advice!

    1. Lol ~ I recognize you as being Best Buy Ambassador! Your face is your logo now get a designer to drop it in some action with your blog title! I wanted my logo to be face recognition and Current Creations did a pretty good job I think with mine. Let’s keep in touch. {}

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  18. I wanted to convey travel, food and an upbeat mood so I incorporated the road, a dinner plate setting and an implied sun in this logo. I may tweak colors a bit, but this is my initial logo design.

    1. Hi Diana ~ Where may I see your logo?

      1. Right underneath this 😉

    1. Okay, check out my blog page, it’s at the top:

      1. Love it! Your blog is a GREAT example of being full of YOUR personality. 😉 The colors are also very inviting and soothing. Original pictures are a BIG plus. Love it I say.

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