Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Yes, I Lost My Blogging Voice…

Yes, I lost my blogging voice. Not sure if I gave it away, laid it down somewhere or never truly had it however I am not sad. Nope, no sadness here. You see I was never a mommy blogger even though I have a child. Never was really a review blogger because most review opportunities which are/were presented to me are/were mommy based and I got tired of grabbing other people’s kiddos to do the reviews. 🙂 Then there was the realization no one really knew what I did which is Public Relations and honestly that hurt because PR has been my true passion since 1991. I even have my own company, JonAshton PR. Yes, I LOVE PUBLIC RELATIONS and being a Publicist first and foremost.

JonAshton PR is a global boutique agency specializing in Public Relations, Branding, Marketing & Social Media Management for small businesses building or rebuilding their brands. My clientele is built on Authors, Bloggers, Media Personalities, Speakers, Travel Specialist and Wedding & Event Creatives. The realization of people not knowing me for PR hit me like a freight train after being overlooked for speaking engagements centered around PR at numerous blogging conferences this year. Not to toot my own horn however I am an excellent presenter aka as a PR beast and I know public relations like the back of my hand. My list of past and present clients is a roll call of nationally impressive clients. Very impressive. Honestly, I still look at it and grin like a school girl! Being looked over as a speaker for these numerous blogging conferences was an in your face realization of “always the bridesmaid yet never the bride” but I digress. I remember a conversation with one conference host who personally reached out to me and said “I really loved your idea but the committee…” I had to laugh because the topics I suggested are all the buzz on the blogging speaking circuit hot and heavy now. Go figure. Lol… I will admit not being selected was particularly disappointing for two conferences however it was just not my due season for either.


After assessing these findings with some mentors and friends I have decided to retire from being a blogger and to consider and title myself a Lifestyle Wordsmith who is a beast with public relations! Yep, that’s me and I really do not think I will regret it or this post. I am already blooming and my energy has become an awesome synergy. Keystrokes By Kimberly blog will become a “website”. You will see a beautiful new layout, more consistency regarding articles (notice how I did not say post 🙂 ), product offerings, monthly contest of great substance and more! You just may even see a name change. After all there are over fifty seven blogs and eleven websites with Keystrokes in the name. It is time to truly standout and bloom. So excited! Stay tuned…

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