The Caregiving Circle is needed by so many people. Ayanna Swain is very candidly open with her story of how she became her Mother’s full time caregiver and I thank her for sharing this journey and hopefully, you will as well. Baby boomers children are having to care for them and The Caregiving Circle is your go to none family resource.

I remember when Ayanna began this website and have watched her thoughtfully grow the website. You see I know Ayanna from way back when. (Smile) We attended elementary and middle school together and were dear friends. I vividly remember the joy, energy, and celebration of life she brought to us. Now she was strict and a strong disciplinary however she showered us with love and I clearly remember that. When I found out Mrs. Swain was needing permanent care by Ayanna I was heartbroken however not for long. From afar I watched Ayanna make the best lemonade out of caregiving. She presents her Mother with the best alternative lifestyle and created another living for herself while still being able to care for herself and her Mother. That is not easy at all however Ayanna did that and did that extremely well.

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The Caregiving Circle is loaded with goodness and free resources pretty much for all caregiving needs no matter what health challenges you are trying to concur. It guides you through ensuring that there is always respect and dignity for your loved ones every step of the way. It also helps you remember you are not alone as gathering circle was created to help you work it out, cry it out, walk it out, and cross the finish line with dignity and grace.
Ayanna offers a clarity call as well coaching through this journey. Trust and believe when it is your turn it is a great comfort to talk to others who have experienced the process or are experiencing this process. Your siblings and other family are great however you owe it to yourself to include one neutral party in your caregiving circle. You need your own personal sounding board.

Please visit The Caregiving Circle website and stay social with Ayanna on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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