Look Who Is The First Hot Mom Of The Spa Squad!

~ Kimberly Wright Is The 1st Hot Mom of The Spa Squad ~
~ Kimberly Wright Is The 1st Hot Mom of The Spa Squad ~

Talk about tickled pink!!!! I am so honored. I am the first ever Hot Mom of the month for the Spa Squad!!! I am so grateful and yes I LOVE a good spa treatment. Please click on the image to read the story. Spa Week is still searching for more Hot Moms to help create the most exciting and engaging content, help spread the word about the wellness lifestyle, and review different spas across the country. If you are a mommy and a blogger please click here for more information.

Spa Week is just days a week and I will be reviewing spas across the United States and beyond! Stay tuned for my spa reviews throughout the year. Spa Week begins on Monday, April 21st and ends on Sunday, April 27th. Treat yourself to a spa treatment as Mother’s Day is just around the corner. There will be $50 spa treatments at some of the finest spas across the US. Indulge yourself by visiting www.spaweek.com.

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  1. Congrats! I hope you enjoy your spa treatment. It’s always nice to be honored for who you are or something you do!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth!

  2. Ooh! Big congratulations! A nice spa treatments sounds really fantastic! Hope you enjoy every minute of it! Feel relaxed!

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