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As many of you may know I am/was a true Whitney Houston fan to this day. I remember getting the alert of her passing and my whole body going numb.  The passing and acceptance of her untimely death was really hard for me to accept. I mean I took this hard. Extremely hard. She was my sister in spirit in more ways than one. We were both Lioness. We were pregnant together. We both have/had only children who born in Spring of 93. We both had interesting choices in men and so and so forth. We both were loners. We both have/had vibrant personalities and we both were the girl that women, never ladies, in particular love to hate. Lol…The only thing we did not do a like was drugs. I do not smoke, never have, never will and I occasionally drink however most times what YOU think is a drink in my hand is nothing more than cranberry juice mixed with Sprite or Orange Juice. Lol…

With all that being said I want to take this day and reflect on the happier times of her life through my tribute to her on my blog {www.KeystrokesByKimberly.com} going live at noon and two rounds of trivia via my twitter account {@KeystrokesByKim} from noon till 1pm and 8pm till 9pm. Please join me and use Hashtag #WhitneyTrivia.




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