Sun. Jun 16th, 2019
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Interested In Joining The Macaroni Kid Tribe?

As you may know I am the Publisher and Editor of Decatur Macaroni Kid and East Atlanta Macaroni Kid. I have been publishing since 2015 and honestly it is very rewarding whether you do it full time or part time. As a Publicist it opened child and family friend door for me that I normally would not have come in contact with. It I very flexibility because it allows you to put what you want n to it as far as time, energy and creativeness. You can even build a tribe of really cool people to assist you in your success. For me there really was not a learning curve however I write for Keystrokes By Kimberly, South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine and a few others publications. However Publishers who did not have any experience are doing very well.

We are truly growing fast. Honestly, faster than we have in our entire ten years. Let us present the opportunity to you on Wednesday, March 14th at 9pm Facebook LIVE. Macaroni Kid is looking for motivated, flexible Mothers and individuals, who want to enrich their communities, empower parents, earn some extra income, and enjoy fabulous benefits and perks. I personally want o recruit individuals all over the USA and Canada to join us as we are already 500+ strong throughout the USA with sprinkles in Canada. I have particular passion for the recruitment of Publishers in North Carolina and California. In North Carolina there is a great need in Winston-Salem, and High Point. In California there is a need in Los Angeles, Malibu, San Diego, Oakland, Monarch Beach, and more just to name a few.

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Macaroni Kid is not a multiple level marketing opportunity. This is a chance to join some pretty awesome publishers, build your own business, make a huge difference in the community and earn some extra income. Let 2018 be your year to find that missing piece to your puzzle.

Should you have any questions feel free to email me at or HQ at

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