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I truly believe Macaroni Kid was one of the best-kept secrets I discovered! I first noticed their presence in the Atlanta, GA market around 2013. The following year I noticed a very well-respected social influencer, Kita Bryant, had joined the Macaroni Kid family and that is when I really began to pay attention to what Macaroni Kid stood for and offered to families and contributors. So when I was approached by a local Publisher to join in I went for the gusto because I am a multi-passionate Shepreneur always looking for a new opportunity to make me better and take things higher. Shortly thereafter I became the Publisher of East Atlanta Macaroni Kid.

Photo Credit | Macaroni Kid

Macaroni Kid As A Business

Macaroni Kid is, in my opinion, your vehicle to truly becoming the number one go-to-resource in your community and beyond. You become the connecting bridge and networking gentle giant between the community, schools, libraries, non-profits, businesses and more. Simply stated you become the Enrichment Coordinator of Family Fun. Here is more information. This was perfect for me because I was already known as an excellent resource and connector of people.

Photo Credit | Macaroni Kid

My Macaroni Kid journey has lead to three territories in three years. So do you think I am in? (Smile). I became Publisher of East Atlanta Macaroni Kid the end of 2014. I added the Decatur Macaroni Kid to my MacKid portfolio in January 2017 and then Greensboro Macaroni Kid in March 2017. Here is a little about each:

East Atlanta Macaroni Kid

My first Macaroni Kid site was East Atlanta. I have always deeply loved East Atlanta for three reasons which made me jump at the opportunity. Reason One: Zoo Atlanta and my childhood memories of Willie B. Reason Two: the Atlanta Braves. Did you know East Atlanta was their home from 1966 – 2016? Reason Three: my ongoing love affair with Little 5 Points for over thirty years. Again, it was a no-brainer. I have had fun publishing and growing the territory. I was able to change the name from Intown Macaroni Kid to East Atlanta Macaroni Kid, increased all my readerships and social media by four hundred percent and truly build some solid relationships within the community. The best is yet to come with East Atlanta Macaroni Kid. Please stay social with East Atlanta Macaroni Kid on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Like what you see? Consider subscribing to my weekly newsletter and take a peek whenever you can. You will be greatly appreciated.

Decatur Macaroni Kid

My second Macaroni Kid site became Decatur Macaroni Kid in January of 2017. I never imagined I would get the opportunity to publish this area. This area had a very long term Publisher. When the long term Publisher decided to leave I was fortunate enough to have my request fulfilled for an additional territory. Talk about excited? I was very excited about Decatur Macaroni Kid and what it had to offer. I love East Atlanta however it has not been as fruitful as I had hoped. In my household, a business that does not make money yet costs money does not make sense so I needed to take on another area to make this Mac Kid journey make financial sense. Well, Decatur Macaroni Kid has done just that. This site was well established and has much potential still ahead. I have implemented some of my touches and made it mine. I have continued growing Decatur Macaroni Kid by at least 15% per quarter. Please stay social with Decatur Macaroni Kid on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Like what you see? Consider subscribing to my weekly newsletter and take a peek whenever you can. You will be greatly appreciated.

I was even given the opportunity to bring back Greensboro Macaroni Kid in Greensboro North Carolina for four months until finding a local Macaroni Kid Publisher who happens to be my Bennett College Sister. Shawn and I attended Bennett College together all four years and it was an honor to hand over Greensboro Macaroni Kid to her.

Macaroni Kid Sisterhood

Photo Credit | Macaroni Kid

The Macaroni Kid Sisterhood is supportive, loving, and caring. Nationally, you are never alone and have a heap of people under your wing to help you fly and do well. It is very impressive since we have over five hundred Publisher Moms and Dads throughout the nation. Although locally the love is not there for me I have been most impressed by the national love. The Georgia Publishers are on a journey of acceptance in a very unique space however that is okay. Just imagine this… The outpour of love during the hurricanes Harvey and Irma was so amazing as the Macaroni Kid family and sisterhood rose up and offered assistance to each other ranging from constantly checking on each other to local housing as well as housing in other states and more. It was truly a beautiful thing to witness. This sisterhood Macaroni Kid truly warms my heart and I am very grateful for select publishers in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California. They truly rock.

My Macaroni Kid goals are ever evolving to meet the needs and wants of my areas. It is very refreshing and challenging at the same time. Whether I am striving to grow my social media presence or evaluating ways increase my digital footprint or deciding what local content to cover I always have ever evolving goals and usually accomplish them.

Peace, LOVE and Macaroni,

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