Divatress Presents Bobbi Boss Wigs

Hi – This is a sponsored post. Of course all opinions are honest and my personal view.

I love a great wig! I have been wearing wigs off and on for over twenty five years. My love affair started with wigs in college. The girls from up north had the hottest short styles and some awesome bobs. In high school a few on my friends had longer bobs and high right low left bobs. In my quest to get the perfect hairstyle I rocked a very adorable wig.

~ Photo Credit | Kimberly Wright ~

Then in 1994 I was diagnosed with a form of cancer and went through a very intense treatment plan in which I had a choice of head wraps, rocking a variety of wigs or being beautiful bald. Well, I choose all three however I was most comfortable rocking wigs because it allowed me to try styles and colors I would have never tried with my actual hair. Somewhere down the line my college buddy introduced me to Bobbi Boss hair and it was love at first sight. I cannot thank LaShawn enough for introducing me to this beautiful line of hair.

Bobbi Boss makes beautiful hair period. Whether you are purchasing hair weave, a wig or two, a hair pieces or a couple packs for braiding hair the Bobbi Boss brand is the best in the business. Divatress carries an extensive line slaying line of Bobbi Boss wigs and I am in love with there selection. Give me any of these in a 1B/30 or 1B/27 or 1B/30/27 and I am one happy lady. Yes, I know my wigs and colors. Divatress is very affordable as well, especially on their Bobbi Boss products. Trust me on this because I have been a long time consumer of Bobbi Boss. Divatress also offers complimentary shipping on purchases over $49 within the continental United States.

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