The Highland Inn, located in the Virginia Highlands, is truly Atlanta’s BEST kept secret among boutique hotels. I just LOVED my stay at the Highland Inn. It takes you back in time and gives you remember when vibes. The BEST comparison would be visiting your grandmother house. Nestled in the Poncey Highlands neighborhood the hotel is a distant memory of its days as Shady Rest which it was formally known as. Today it presents beautifully as a much sought after boutique hotel in the perfect neighborhood. It stays sold out most nights so be sure to book in advance. No walk in here.


Locally owned everything is handled with kid gloves and the guest are the most important thing. They have the BEST staff on hand and truly understand the art of customer service. They even know guest by name. This truly impressed me because that is not something you normally experience from all staff. Our stay was perfect from the suite room
to the quaint continental spread to the real room key! Yes, they still have actually keys to the rooms. No disposal key cards here. Wait it does not stop there. There are nice on site laundry facilities, a cute little court yard and Atlanta history throughout the hotel which truly shares the history of Atlanta through framed memorabilia since the 1920s.


The Highland Inn is very European and they have well maintained its original 1920’s design yet managed to add the perfect conveniences to satisfy us Americans. Those conveniences include a mini fridge, a flat screen TV, in room Wi-Fi and other little Highland Inn treats. Perfectly priced you could not ask for any better option. Whether you are booking through a travel site or directly with the hotel you are a winner. Plus your third night is half price. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their blog.

Disclaimer: Please note I did not receive any compensation directly or in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. Muah…

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  1. How quaint! I love that it is locally owned and values customer service. I’ll need to keep them in mind when my husband and I finally get a chance to have a weekend away sans kiddos 🙂

  2. I miss when it was the Shady Rest Hotel. Was much more exciting with the drug addicts and drag queens! Now it’s just like any other crap hotel. Has lost all of it’s sleazy charm!

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