There are many benefits of souping. I just really got into souping over the past two years or so out of convenience and quick meal time however I have always loved soup for at least thirty years or more. My Mother and Grandfather would make awesome homemade chicken noodle soup and vegetable soup. Awesome I say! They had a gift for turning left over meals into the best soups.

So my souping journey came as no surprise when I embraced it, researched it and put it into full motioning with a healing mindset. Yes, souping can be healing and healthy. Let’s explore how. For me personally the benefits of souping, healing and weight loss go hand in hand. Here is how.

Souping best benefit me in leaving me full for hours not just an hour.  When I soup I eat soup five times a day for cleansing or weight loss and I am full all day and often have to force myself to eat the five soups during the day. Even when I just commit to one bowl of soup a day life is still grand because souping allows you to control your calorie intake and sugar in take like you would not believe. I have health challenges that truly appreciate and respect these level of control without it controlling me all day long.

Souping bring me a healthy variety to my meals because whether I make them myself or purchase them from a restaurant or delivery service the all offer a variety which I control and have a major input in. Please note I do not partake in canned soups because of the sodium and calorie intake. I am not knocking them because there are some decent ones available however because of my health challenges I have carefully chosen not to partake in them.

When souping I do a three or five day cleansing of soups only which provide a cleansing and/or detox. Here is a collection of cleansing soup recipes. . Dr.Oz has a pretty good three day cleanse as well and Jillian Michaels .

There are some soup delivery companies to consider if you prefer to have the soup made for you for whatever reason. This is a cool idea and nice service. Extremely popular for the corporate America professional. They are
Soupelina , Soupure, Soups Online and Splendid Spoon.

Souping increases your vegetable intake to crazy new heights. An increase in vegetable intake means more fiber and as your get old more fiber is golden. Souping is very affordable and does respect the budget as well as my health. I will be souping for as long as I can. This has been a game changer for me and I hope it will do the same for you. When you are trying to physically heal soup is so comforting and portionately sized to help not to mention there is healing soups for different health challenges. Trust me on this and Google – Healing Soups.

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