In a few hours we will be ringing in 2014. Amazing how quickly these 365 days passed by. Amazing I say. I love this 48 hour period with a passion as passionate visionaries reconfirm their visions for the next twelve months. The passion you see from December 30th through January 1st often leaves me with one simple question to everyone.

~ What Did You Do With Your Dash In 2013? ~
~ What Did You Do With Your Dash In 2013? ~

~ What did YOU do with your dash in 2013?

What is your dash?
~ Your dash is what you did between the sunrise (birth) and sunset (death) of your life.
~ Your dash is the little line between the year you were born and the year of your death here on earth.
~ Your dash is the type of life you live while here on earth.
~ Your dash is your contribution to life.
~ Your dash is the reflection of you people will share in your life and in your death.

For me I think I contributed pretty well. I renewed some promises to myself. I achieved some personal and professional goals. There is still much work to be done because I am a high achiever and an over achiever however it will happen this year. Just watch. If I died today I am very comfortable with my overall contribution to my dash by about 85%.

So I ask the question of what did you do with your dash in 2013?

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