Love it ~ This is by far a girl’s BEST friend.  The V bar is an all-natural eco-friendly non-fragranced holistic feminine hygiene soap. It truly offers a safer and fresher experience. In my world The V Bar was like winning the lottery! I have extremely sensitive skin and can only use Dove soap {the original ~ nothing fancy} on my special area and Aveeno Skin Care line for the rest of my body.  I have Eczema challenges and will age gracefully so I also indulge in their Anti-Aging and Eczema care lines.  For me The V Bar was better than Dove which was highly recommended by my doctors through the years.

Tanya M Tibbs is the Founder, CEO and emerging business leader definitely who created this winning product. She was even featured on Fox 5, DC News, The Dr.Oz Show and The Mills Connection to name a few. Tibbs belief and mission is to “empower young girls and women all across the world about healthy feminine hygiene. We offer this natural soap because most feminine hygiene product are alcohol based or offer a lot of perfumes which can cause repeated yeast infections, itching, burning and dryness. The Vbar being (Non-Fragranced) help those areas and for those who are very sensitive which are most women….It also so offers a fresh clean feeling. We hope to decrease the percentage of women who suffer with yeast infections, HPV, and ovarian cancer” said Tibbs.

Well, mission accomplished Ms. Tibbs. I love your V Bar. Tibbs also offers product for girls, teens, Men and Athletes.  I personally invite you to try a FREE sample. Please visit to get your FREE sample. There is a $1.95 shipping cost which may be made by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express. Please share in the comment section Keystrokes By Kimberly referred you and highly recommends the product. Again, I love it and will become a regular client.

*This is a non-paid review. This review is my own and I have not been compensated directly, indirectly or in kind for my opinion.

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  1. I’m often into blogging and I truly appreciate your content. The write-up has definitely peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your site. Will be trying this product.

  2. Okay… This was OMG. The answer to my question. I read the review back in October. Finally ordered. Then finally got around to trying it. BAM….this was my final answer! I have tried everything through the years adalthough some have worked nothing has worked like The V Bar. Thank you for reviewing this and sharing. Also, I have come across so much entertaining posts on your blog that I want to keep up the good work so as I spread the word there will be more interesting post.

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