There have been a lot of business related innovations recently. These are devices, apps, and system downloads that offer to increase productivity, improve customer experience, and basically make transacting business a lot easier. Take Australia’s cloud system for companies, for instance. Their ASIC company search collates all the information about a company and makes them available to access to the public. It just makes it easier if you are in negotiations with a certain company or if you want to know if you can trust them with sensitive documents.

But right now, there is one obvious innovation some companies seem to have neglected: mobile optimization. With the rise of smartphones, people are literally on their phones most of the day for seven days a week. If you are not optimizing your website for mobile, you are losing sales. Studies have shown that if your website loads for more than 3 seconds on mobile, users abandon it. You are missing an opportunity to reach out to a different pool of customers.

If you are a small business, this is something you should definitely rectify now. Here we list down reasons why your website should be website optimized.

Mobile users have a different behavior

People have different objectives when they use either the desktop or mobile. Bite-sized information is what mobile users are usually after. This means they digest a high amount of visual media like images and videos, one that apps like Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat were able to take advantage of.

Because people are mostly on their mobile phones, you website should be visually appealing on mobile. Sometimes people tend to forget that while the website design is the same across all devices, it tends to get compressed the smaller the device gets. So make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing, easily navigable, and has easy-to-load media for easy consumption.

Mobile gets half of the traffic

There are a billion Internet users in the world and almost half of it uses mobile most of the time. In fact, studies have suggested that people use mobile phones while commuting, watching TV, even while they are already using the desktop.

Mobile websites have become so important that search engines are including it in their crawl. If your website is not mobile adaptive, its search rank could suffer.

Mobile offers an increase in conversion

Mobile users spend more than desktop users. It makes sense, they are already on their phone the whole day, why not get something for themselves while browsing. Mobile users actually account for making small purchases frequently. Which means that if you are selling that is just right up their budget, they will most likely purchase it; and they will repeatedly do this behavior.

Mobile users are also impulse buyers. Once they see you have an awesome product, they will definitely want to add that in their cart. So make sure that the purchasing funnel is easy to follow. One sign of confusion from their end might mean cart abandonment.

Mobile provides better customer engagement

Mobile users tend to switch screens. Once they get an amazing mobile experience, they tend to visit the desktop website as often as the mobile website. In fact, it was reported that at least 90% of people switch screens or multi-screen to be able to accomplish their purchases or any other task that has to do with your website.

So do not turn away potential traffic. Revamp your mobile website and make sure it offers the best user experience.

Mobile is one of Google’s priorities

When Google announced that they are going to include mobile adaptability in their search ranking criteria, a lot of people freaked out. The announcement was called the mobile-pocalypse, and from then on, companies have been working to make their websites more mobile friendly.

If you want to take a bite out of the huge chunk of potential customers offered by mobile, make sure you rank well on Google and fix your website’s mobile adaptability.

There are a lot of strategies and techniques that can help you strengthen your search ranking, but having a mobile friendly website allows you to tap into a whole new pool of potential customers who are more than ready to be patrons of your brand.

Photo Credit | Curtis Nicholson, founder of
Photo Credit | Curtis Nicholson, founder of

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