This SO true! A validation to your desire for success. So go for it! Do things differently whether they are done entirely different or better than before.  Make It Happen as your gift to you. Start by doing the following:

Creating a vision board to be displayed daily in your personal space.

    1. Get a poster board or cork board. Wal-Mart is a good place for this.
    2. Decorate and personalize it just for you! It should reflect your personality and goals.
    3. Select and cut out things, pictures, and goals for your vision.
    4. Select motivational saying and phrase for you board.
    5. Placing a happy picture of you in the center of your vision.
    6. Have a theme for your board. Ex: Celebration, My Exact Vision, My Growing Vision etc…
    7. Select some theme music to listen to while creating the vision.
    8. Organize it.
    9. Finalize it.
    10. Focus on it daily.
    11. Play your theme music when focusing on your vision.

Write yourself motivational notes and placing throughout your sanctuary.

  1. They can be biblical, spiritual or motivational. Just choose them carefully and wisely because these will be feeding your soul daily.
  2. Tape them to anything and everything you come in contact with on a daily bases. Ex: The mirror, the dresser, the closet, the dashboard etc…

Attend some FREE or low cost online or in person self-motivation classes.

  1. These can be found within your different communities such as Church, Facebook, Twitter, Community Center, Community College etc…

Increase your meditating and/or prayer level daily.

  1. Whether you believe in a higher being or not take time to be still and at peace for 5-30 minutes a day. This will become one of your BEST practices yet. It helps to center you with your thoughts.

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