I am simply having a ball!  Okay, so you may know that I am in a Winter Blogathon this weekend and let me tell you it is FUN! Every blogger, no matter how experience, should do this at least once! Tons of fun while meeting others & learning. You have already seen a few posts from me today about the Biannual Blogathon Bash with Hashtag #Blogathon2 and those were my contributions to the Tweeter Chats & Mini Challenges. The challenges are very knowledgeable and I even won a prize at the 1pm Twitter chat! Below are the mini challenges. My goal is to complete ALL of them before Monday at 8:00am when the blogathon ends. So far I have completed 1-10. 7 more to go. Yay me!!!!

Mini Challenges Winter 2013

  1. How to Create a Blogging Planner      @ AJewelintheMaking
  2. Give to Get @ HolySplendor
  3. Grammar Police @ HolySplendor
  4. Blog Brand Consistency      @ NewlywedSurvival
  5. Optimizing Photos for SEO
  6. Ad Management for Bloggers      @ GeekWithStyle
  7. How to Back Up Your Blog      @ GeekWithStyle
  8. Photo Editing Tools For Bloggers      @ GeekWithStyle
  9. Tips for Promoting Blog Posts on Facebook @ BiannualBlogathonBash
  10. Why Social Network Promotion is Important for Blogs @ BiannualBlogathonBash
  11. How to Develop, Write and Share Recipes On Your Blog      @ EatingItReal
  12. Public Figure Blog Post and Twitter Connections @ EmpowerNetwork
  13. Google+ (Google Plus) Guide forBloggers @ BiannualBlogathonBash
  14. Blogger’s Guide to LinkedIn      @ BiannualBlogathonBash
  15. How to Get Paid Blogging Opps      @ SunshineandSippyCups
  16. Cleaning Up Your Back End      @ MakobiScribe
  17. Tips for Food Photography      @ ConfessionsofanOverworkedMom

Very exciting! It is not too late to join in. Just visit the website at the top.


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