Recently, this topic has come up a lot with my married friends and associates as we share or stories of parenting.  So, my question to you is  Are your children picking up your spouse’s nasty ways? If so, how are you addressing it?


~ Is your daughter messy and gossipy like your wife?

~ Is your son disrespectful to women like your husband?

~ Do your children abuse social media like your wife?

~ Do your children give snappy responses like your spouse?

~ Do your children text in church like your spouse?

~ Do your children behave in a sneaky manner like your spouse?

~ Do your children know EVERYTHING like your spouse?

~ Do your children constantly tell untruths like your spouse?

After all children do learn what they see…

Now be honest with yourself if no one else. We would love to know your answers. For privacy sake we will remove all identifying information before sharing publicly on our site.

Here are our guidelines for ceasing this behavior asap. Happy Parenting!

~ Observe your children for a time period {two weeks or so} to be sure you are truly seeing this behavior.

~ Gently, discuss this behavior with your spouse and how it is affecting your child(ren).

~ Come up with solutions as to best address and nip this behavior.

~ Observe your children again about a month later to be sure the behavior has been ceased.

~ Continue to address negative behaviors with your spouse as well as with yourself to ensure you are being the BEST parent(s) you can be.

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