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Nia Long
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How Nia Long’s #Uncensored Story Gave Me Life

BCAOriginally published in March of 2018 *This post does contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link I will receive a small commission. Baby, Nia Long is my spirit animal. Do you hear me? She is one fierce, strong; confident D.I.V.A. (Driven – Inspired- Victorious- called to Action). The Nia …

Two kids hanging out Macaroni Kid
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Interested In Joining The Macaroni Kid Tribe?

Originally Published in March of 2018 As you may know, I am the Publisher and Editor of Decatur Macaroni Kid and East Atlanta Macaroni Kid. I have been publishing since 2015 and honestly, it is very rewarding whether you do it full time or part-time. As a Publicist, it opened a child and family-friendly door …

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About Keystrokes By Kimberly For 2018 Phone – 678.632.2564 Hello Lovely Souls! Welcome to Keystrokes By Kimberly. I enjoy my piece of real estate on the World Wide Web. Established in 2011 and it has becoming life changing on so many levels to which I am grateful. One day soon I will share my entire story behind my beauty for …