www.JonAshtonPR.com ~ Sign up between 1pm & 3pm. First come, first serve on Friday, February 1st by emailing [email protected] between 1pm & 3pm.

JonAshton PR, our brother company, is bringing in 2013 with a new website & thirty complimentary 30 minute consultations! Yes, that is correct 30 for 30! {smile}

We are providing thirty COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute consultations to my Keystrokes By Kimberly family. The sign up window for the consultations will happen TODAY Friday, February 1st between 1pm and 3pm. Consultations will begin this month! This is an excellent opportunity for small businesses or those thinking of starting a small business.

As a Public Relations professional with over 20 plus years’ experience I am always looking to help others develop their dreams.  This is my passion and should come as no surprise, considering I have spent my lifetime getting the language right and the message heard.  If I had all the time in the world I would spend a couple of months in France, Italy or Spain, cruising the coffee shops {drinking teas of the world ~ not a coffee drinker. Lol}, lazing on Mediterranean beaches and networking the extra mile with a vision of making even more of a difference! My Public Relations experience is in Business Start Ups, Corporate Event Planning & Design, Corporate Training, Grant Writing, Marketing & Branding, Public Outreach and Social Media.


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Keystrokes By Kimberly is a synergy lifestyle blog which focuses on how to live a positive lifestyle. We cover every aspect of living a positive life from health, events, wealth, happiness, entertainment, travel and then some. www.KeystrokesByKimberly.com.

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