Yes Ma’am! Facebook is at it again. At what? Changes to infinity and beyond. (Smile) Facebook is the one social media platform that is constantly changing. According to them they are always changing for our best however I beg to differ along with thousands of other, In fact the average IT person will roll off a list of ways we should cautiously proceed with Facebook after every change.
On Friday I received an email from Traci Mercer, the Global VP of Online Revenue for HootSuite which read:

In order to bring you Facebook functionality, HootSuite connects to Facebook’s Graph API. Facebook is rolling out a new version of its Graph API to every third-party platform, including HootSuite.
The new API is designed to better protect user privacy and will affect the following features within HootSuite:
• Facebook Groups will be accessible to Group administrators only
• News feed streams for personal Facebook profiles will no longer be supported (streams for Facebook pages will not be affected)
• Search streams will no longer display personally identifiable information from individual posts

You’ll see information in any affected streams in your dashboard to help communicate the upcoming changes. You may also see instructions showing you how to reconnect your Facebook account or notifying you that a stream is no longer available.
Our partnership with Facebook, and with you:

As a long-standing partner, we support Facebook’s decision to protect the privacy of its user community. We also understand that these changes may affect the dashboards of some of our customers, and we’re here to help. If you have any questions, we encourage you to consult our Help Desk article.
Thank you for choosing to partner with us.

Yours in social,
Traci Mercer
Global VP of Online Revenue | HootSuite

Well, long story short without all the techy talk this means the following:
As of or around Thursday, April 30th Facebook will be introducing major changes to their API which will effect user privacy. Changes are to be applied to every app, vendor and platform using Facebook’s API. This will include Twitter, HootSuite etc…

With a main focus on managing personal profiles, groups and search functionality this could be a good thing. Hopefully, users will experience minimal impact to the management of owned pages and groups. Read more here.

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