You know how I LOVE the babies! As I have been out and about this holiday season preparing to gift a few items to family and friends I recently ran across a unique new toy called Brackitz. Now please note I have not received anything for compensation or in kind regarding this product. I am simply sharing because I love the back to the basics of Brackitz. Brackitz stands out to me because it is an award-winning construction toy system produced in the USA so this immediately got my attention. I completely support products made in the USA. Also, this is refreshing because not only is it made in the USA it is also technology free. Yes, I love technology however I firmly believe kids today do not know how to function without technology so this was a winner for me as well. Our babies need to learn how to entertain themselves with and without technology.

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Much like Legos and Knex they require cognitive thinking, reasoning and problem solving while playing however what makes them stand out even more is the old school of wooden planks which interlock allowing them to create and develop architectural structures. It is really a nice concept.


According to their website what really makes Brackitz different is the following:

Educational – Brackitz proudly promotes STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) techniques for young children to learn as they get older. Perfect for classroom use too!

Affordable – Choose from sets including 50, 100 and 200 pieces, with prices ranging from $29.95 – $99.95.

Build Up AND Out – Brackitz can be used to construct innumerable creations; the one-of-a-kind connectors can interlock at different angles and directions and allow children to build circles, corners and bendable masterpieces.

Durable – While traditional stacking blocks collapse under pressure, Brackitz allow children to build structures as big as they are without falling over. You can even move them around the house and your pets can roam free without causing a falling mess.

Safe – Brackitz have been tested and are compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission for ages 3+.

Brackitz has proudly won Brain Toy from Academics Choice, Toy Man eChoice, STEM Toy Award, and Creative Child Toy of the Year.

So if you are still shopping for gifts this holiday season please consider this one for ages three to ten. I really think this is a winner.

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