Grace of Christy Sims

This story has been heavy on my since I heard about it in the summer of 2013. It was all the tragic buzz in Atlanta, my hometown. I have shared it on the blog twice, here and here. Well yes, Christy’s journey continues. She had her victorious day in court this past July and Andrew Fordham was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Even during and after the sentencing Christy handled everything with the grace of lady and not the scorn of a woman even through who would blame her if she was scorned. Her statement to media about forgiveness and that there was no real winners in this case after the sentencing redefined forgiveness for even me. I truly redefined forgivess on a whole different levels and yes there are levels to forgiveness in more ways than one.

While Christy had a victorious day in court she continues her journey of reclaiming her life for the sake of her son and daughter as well as her inner peace. This is where you come in. If you are able please make a donation to her Go Fund Me campaign. Yes, she has been collecting money since 2013 however there is a back story which most do not know because she has gotten media exposure. In her own words here it is…

“Hello my name is Christy Sims and “I am caught between disaster and destiny”. I am a survivor of domestic violence and acid attack. I was attacked by my ex-boyfriend a little over 2 years ago and incurred 3rd and 4th degree burns to over 20 percent of my body, including my entire face. My story has been featured nationally and internationally for the past two years. Recently my abuser was finally brought to justice and is now serving 20 years in prison. Prior to being attacked on April 28, 2013, I had achieved my Master’s degree and I was a practicing Mental Health Counselor. However, due to my severe disfigurement and long recovery, I have been unemployed since that time. My goal is to return to my counseling practice and to begin rebuilding my life once I have completed a few more surgeries. I have had 13 surgeries thus far to rebuild my face and body, but I need a few more and because I have not been able to work, I am still struggling financially. All of my surgeries are performed by Dr. Robert Spence and Dr. LeAnn Price of the Good Samaritan Hospital Burn Reconstruction Center in Baltimore, MD. This is not plastic surgery and although I appreciate the doctor who was featured in the media last year on Channel 2 for offering pro bono work, he has never done any pro bono surgeries for me and likely will not because my injuries require burn reconstruction, which is a specialty. All of my surgeries have been for a cost. Originally my foundation, the Christy Sims Foundation was started to raise funds for my recovery, however, because we are now a 501 c3 non-profit, and I elected to continue serving the organization, funds to CSF can no longer benefit me personally. In essence, I am now helping other survivors, but I still need help. I am indeed caught between disaster and destiny. Please help me rebuild my life for me and two children, Chris and Elon. Thank you so much. I appreciate every dollar.”

Now as many of us know life can be extremely challenging in general no matter what your circumstances and resources. Now add being a single parent on top of it accompanied by an ongoing medical crisis. This becomes an against all odds type of situation in more ways than one. Trust me I know as a two time cancer survivor and a two time stroke survivor. I encountered the first stroke when my son was around the ages of her children and when you are a single parent that is most hard on the child(ren) because they are watching their primary care taker struggle beyond imagination. Things become real REAL very quickly no matter how well you planned for a rainy day. So please take a moment to assist sharing this post and helping spread the word further. Also, if you are able to give please visit



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