~ A Lady Of Purpose ~
~ A Lady Of Purpose ~

Dynamic weekend! Rarely do I share my weekend happenings however this past weekend was just what I needed when I needed. This was the first weekend in a while I did totally fun stuff just for me. Did not have any commitments so I was footloose and fancy free and I loved every minute of it. We began the weekend with Anthony David. Okay… YES, I was all smiles. That man right there does not have a bad CD or track on any of his music. I was first introduced to his music in 2009 and it has been one of the best introductions of my life. So of course I listened to each of his albums in preparation for the concert. Yes, that is what I do and yes all for them. Three Chords & The Truth, The Red Clay Chronicles, Acey Duecy, As Above So Below and Love Out Loud. This took me on an emotional roller coaster I was not ready for however I was ready for the concert. {smile} What a concert it was. For that matter what an evening. We had a ball from beginning to end.

Saturday we saw the Best Man Holiday and that was another emotional roller coaster beyond believe. My circle has all of those characters and then some. I am even a perfect blend of Jordan, Mia and Robyn on so many different levels it is not even funny yet I have to laugh to keep from crying. Mmmmm…. Well after the movie we did lunch and my friend asked a million dollar question. “Kim let’s talk about you. What are your dreams and aspirations?” No one has ever asked me that outside of a job interview. Man or woman. That question took me by total surprise. Although I was uncomfortable with the question I answered it very candidly and told him about my fourteen month journey back to me, my basics, my businesses and the fact I no longer had dreams. My dreams were now goals. Then he presented me with the saying of a purpose driven woman. That stuck with me like you would not believe. Well you know me I Googled and researched everything I could find regarding a purpose driven woman. I do not like the word woman when referring to myself. I have earned the right to be reffered to as a lady. So I took my research. Combined it some. Replaced woman with lady and the above piece of work is what I came up with. So as I continue this fourteen month journey I am going to have Lauren Atwater’s of Ten23Designs.com turn this into wall art for me and place it in my sitting area where I plan to read 150 books over this fourteen month journey. As the elders would say…I have this running in my feet and it feels so good!

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