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Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of Essence Fest With Me!

Yes, I am headed to Essence Fest for the second time and could not be more excited! Please enjoy the festival through my eyes by following me on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram! Also, the following hashtags will be red hot #Essence #EssenceFest #NoLA #NewOrleans #NolaCrawl & #BourbonStreet to name a few. Oh and you might …


How To Bring Your Blog To Life With LIVE Events

Welcome to one of the Blogathon Challenges for June 2013. For more information on the Blogathon visit This is one on my favorite things to do! I LOVE events and always have. I think I was self-proclaimed socialite in kindergarten. 😉 Let’s bring your blog to LIFE with LIVE events. Below are a short …