I want to let the secret out the bag about a blog that is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G when it comes to a living a healthy, holistic life. Michelle Toole is the creative and very informative force behind www.healhy-holistic-living.com and she is brilliant! Michelle’ personal health journey of living with MS lead her to create one of the world’s largest online holistic health communities and let me share I love this resource . It has become my go to resource for alternatives to traditional medicine when facing health challenges for myself or family and friends.

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Some of my favorite and most informative articles from Healthy Holistic Living have been the following:

~ Healthy Life ~

How You Can Use ACV to Effectively Relieve Eczema – and What Not to Do!
This Is What Happens To Joint Pain When You Add 2 Cups Of ACV To Your Bath
16 Healing Plants That Will Grow Like Crazy Even in Humid, Dimly Lit Bathrooms

~ Healthy Recipes ~


Photo Credit | Heathy Holistic Living

~ Health Ailments ~

How to grow a healing indoor garden that will fit inside even the tiniest space
This is What Can Happen to Muscle Pain, Anxiety, Congestion, and Heartburn When You Drink Catnip Tea
How to grow your own super-powered herbs that last forever

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