Okay it is no secret I am having a LOVE affair with Travel Pony. We are in LOVE!!!! This is NOT a sponsored post and the ONLY compensation I can get is available to you as well. Travel Pony is still making a name in the travel business. As such they have a pretty good program where you can earn travel credits for inviting friends. You are given the options of sharing via Facebook, Twitter or email via a personal hyperlink. Mine is . This is a win for all parties because when you create a free account you earn a $35 promo code AND I earn $25 in travel credit when you stay at a hotel AND Travel Pony gets you as a booking! Seeā€¦ I told you it was a win.

In addition I have found Travel Pony to give better deals than any other third party travel site right now. Yes, better than Hipmunk, Expedia and It is worth looking at AND earning travel credits. After all unless you are a travel agent the other sites will not pay you for booking unless you are an affiliate.

Here are their current deals.

Travel Pony Ad

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