Today we are featuring Louida Martin of Product Review Mom and how she lives out loud. Below is our insightful interview.


1. What is your perspective on life?

Live every moment like it is your last. Tomorrow is never promise. I like living my life to the fullest and not sitting back and worrying about different things. With this perspective, I’m always cheerful and look forward to what God has for me next.

2. Where do you find your JOY?

My children and my family brings joy to me. Also the many blessings that God has given me throughout life brings me such joy in my heart. Even when I hit bottom God kept me in joyous spirit.

3. How do you spend your quality time?

I spend my quality time when I’m not blogging with my family. I’m always about family and I love spending my time with them.

~ Lou & Michelle ~
~ Lou & Michelle ~
~ Lou & Lauren ~
~ Lou & Lauren ~

4. What is your personal mantra?

Do to others like you would do to yourself.

5. What story would you like to share?

Back home in California, certain family members (I won’t say who) didn’t believe in me and wanted me to struggle because they had struggled. I did hit bottom once I moved here to Atlanta 8 years ago because I didn’t have a game plan. My family and I struggled to pay bills however I put my faith in God because he has never given me too much that I couldn’t handle. Thanks to our faith in him, my significant other and I are now both successful entrepreneurs. I want to show my daughters that put your trust in God and he’ll lead you to the right path in life.

6. What is your favorite vacation destination?

I love Florida so much! I try to go there every chance I get. The amusement parks, the food, the beaches, the weather, oh my gosh I love it!

7. If you could have a moment of joy with any celebrity or public figure who would that be?

I’m not into celebrities so the public figure that brings me joy is Maya Angelou. Her beautiful spirit and powerful messages is so uplifting.

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