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Life is hectic and stressful if you let it get that way, but by living intentionally and making your life easier, you can make life as stress-free as possible. I truly believe that by delegating tasks that you stress you out, take up a lot of time, or that might be hard for you, and finding businesses that you love and trust, it will free up a lot of your time to spend your days doing what you love with the people that matter. How many times have you said no to going to dinner with family or friends because you just had to much on your to-do list? How many times have you skipped a pool party because you are uncomfortable in your own skin? I know I have done things like this, but I say “no more!” Let’s change this and make sure that we are living a life that we love. The first step is finding people that can help you make that happen and that’s why I am writing this post today! There are an abundance of companies and businesses out there that do the same thing, so who do you hire, or go see? I’ve come up with 5 Atlanta businesses that make life easier for you:


2ULaundry is a new spin on a traditional laundry service and dry cleaning. You gather bags of clothes, they pick it up from your desired location, wash and fold your clothes, and then deliver it back to you within one business day. How great is that?! 2ULaundry says, “With just 24 hours in a day, why spend time doing laundry or making endless trips to the dry cleaners? We provide an innovative solution to traditional dry cleaning and laundry service that helps you make time for what matters most in life.” They allow you to customize how and what they use to wash your clothes, so it’s not much different from how you normally do it at home – it just saves you a lot of time. Use this extra time to get much needed things done, in order to knock out all of your to dos before the end of the week, in order to spend a weekend with family and friends.

Metro Decatur Dental Group PC

Metro Decatur Dental Group PC is a full service dentist located in Decatur, Georgia, which is inside DeKalb County. Dr. Simms and his staff is happy to provide you with basic teeth cleaning, whitening, fillings, advanced dentures, root canals, bridges, crowns, veneers, braces, and more. Metro Decatur Dental Group PC is a dentist you can trust and everyone knows that having people your trust with your body (especially when it comes to something as important as your smile) is extremely important. Obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Science at the University of New York and his D.M.D. degree at the University of New Jersey School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Gary Simms is dedicated to helping his clients achieve full mouth rehabilitation. He believes in providing his patients the highest level of dental care, with the utmost respect. Metro Decatur Dental Group PC is waiting to serve you with care when you come in for a dental procedure!

Hustle House Health and Wellness

Started by Matt Ribley, Hustle House Health and Wellness is a one of a kind personal and small group functional fitness studio. Hustle House focuses on making life easier through movement and health eating while working out in a fun and safe environment. Located in Woodstock, Georgia, which is about 35 minutes from Atlanta, Hustle House is there to help you live your life to the fullest – your happiness is their goal! If you are in search for a new personal trainer, or small group trainer that will help you achieve your goals, Hustle House Health and Wellness will get you there quickly.


Serving healthy bowl meals, UpBeet, located in West Midtown, has become extremely popular with locals over the past year or so. They serve organic salads, grain bowls, smoothie bowls, yogurt bowls, smoothies, toast, and superfood lattes. UpBeet makes it easy and tasty to get a healthy meal in the heart of the city. UpBeet was created in order to give locals a fast, but nutritious meal on the go, which is something that Atlanta (and suburbs) really lacks. Thankfully, UpBeet succeeded with their goal – the food is amazing, nutritious, and pretty quick! So, head over to UpBeet on a warm spring day and sit on their porch, with a bowl, or if you are in a rush, pick one up on your way to run more errands. The fast service will definitely make your life easier when you need it to go quickly.


Hux is a website that allows you to schedule a house cleaning. You are able to choose your own house cleaner, options such as green cleaning, eco-friendly products, or animal-friendly cleaners. You are also able to choose extra options such as laundry, baseboard cleaning, fold and hang clothes, and more. Located in Atlanta and Charlotte, Hux has interviewed and done a background check on each cleaner, in order to keep you and your home safe. Each cleaning booked on Hux is bonded, insured, and you can feel great knowing that you are supporting your local community by hiring a local cleaner.

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