Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

What Now Atlanta {Dot} Com Is The BEST!

I have been a fan of this website for about two years and counting. is the perfect website for keeping you in the know and your curiosity satisfied. They share it all from openings, closings, expansions, restaurant grades and renovations in Atlanta’s business district. No fluff here just straight from the hip reporting.

They brand themselves as “We’ve assembled a panel of picky perfectionists who help us break news and make informed, BIASED opinions. They’re thought leaders, tastemakers, and trendsetters in restaurants, retail and real estate. You know who they are, but we’re not sayin’” and they deliver just that. I have fallen in love with them more so because their restaurant report cards. They give you everything including who failed and why. This has been a lifesaver for me. Several restaurants which I use to frequent are no longer in the rotation because of bringing their scores to life.

The retail shares have been amazing. My C B Richard Ellis days allow me to have a great appreciation for this. gives you the REAL business from the good to the bad to the ugly to the AMAZINGLY DYNAMIC! They keep you current on everything happening in the city from beginning to end. I have been especially intrigue with their up to date reports of all the happenings in Buckhead. Often Buckhead projects are historically tight lipped however they still give you the business. Love it I say… Below are some of my favorite links.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

~ Sprinkles Cupcakes At Lenox ~  Photo Credit|
~ Sprinkles Cupcakes At Lenox ~
Photo Credit|

Ponce City Market

~ Ponce City Market ~  Photo Credit |
~ Ponce City Market ~
Photo Credit |

St. Regis Restaurant

~ St. Regis Atlanta ~  Photo Credit |
~ St. Regis Atlanta ~
Photo Credit |

Buckhead Atlanta

~ Buckhead Atlanta ~  Photo Credit|
~ Buckhead Atlanta ~
Photo Credit|

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