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Kimberly Wright is a natural leader, a pioneering renaissance lady, prolific speaker, ardent philanthropist, passionate entrepreneur, community advocate, avid blogger, a publicist extraordinaire and writer who auspiciously pursues success, happiness and peace for herself and others. Known for her saying and belief “If I cannot help you I promise not to harm you…” Kimberly is known for bringing a state of sunshine, joy, calmness and peace to each individual she meets whether for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Raised to reach for the stars and reared in the belief “Service is the rent we pay for living…” being service oriented simply comes naturally to her. At the core of Kimberly's principles is her passion for empowering single mothers and their children beyond measure no matter what their circumstances.

Kimberly is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and small business owner. She is CEO, Founder & President of JonAshton PR, Satori Interior Designs and her brand of Breathless Moments which includes Breathless Moments Signature Events, Breathless Moments Travel, Breathless Moments Media (home of her blogs Keystrokes By Kimberly and K.Carlene). Constantly channeling quality and trustworthy content through various avenues Kimberly is a referral source to amazing women, enlightened men and passionate youth. Her passion meets purpose as a go-to expert in Public Relations, conference & event planning and travel.

Kimberly resides in metro Atlanta with her delightfully humorous son, Jon and two beautiful golden retrievers, Bo & Luke.

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