Hello Lovely Souls!

Welcome to Keystrokes By Kimberly. I enjoy my piece of real estate on the World Wide Web. Established in 2011 it has become life-changing on so many levels. I am very grateful for my experiences through this website. I have grown in so many ways unimaginable. This is my voice and vision to express myself and live out loud. One day soon I will share my entire story behind my beauty for ashes regarding multiple challenges and how this website helped me growth them each one of them. Trust me you will be amazed how I was given amazing beauty for my ashes and forced to achieve new beginnings, new levels and a graceful Kimberly!

Now let’s have a heart to heart. I no longer consider myself a blogger or even this a blog. Mindset is EVERYTHING. I quickly surpassed the blogger title within my first year and I simply did not fit into the Mommy Blogger mold or model because this came to me after my sons (biological and adopted along the way) had graduated high school. This is an actual business, vision, and full-fledged production for my family and I. As a daily motivation to stay in the know and focus on what is important to me Keystrokes By Kimberly is a lifestyle websites which covers Travel, Health, Restaurant Reviews, Hotel Reviews, Entertainment Events, Film Festivals, Food & Wine Festivals, Technology, and a lifestyle by design for the ultimate entrepreneur life.

For the next level of Keystrokes By Kimberly I have so much more to accomplish. I have covered so many things such as Essence Fest, Bronze Lens Festival, DragonCon, Broadway Atlanta productions, Kenny Leon’s Hairspray, television show Nashville, Bronner Brothers Hair Show, a Paula Deen event, a Green Party for IWI Garden Day Spa, and so much more I must take it higher and higher. Visit my Instagram to get a sneak peek and feel free to follow m if you are not already. It is definitely time to bring out the August and spirit animal in me for 2018 and 2019. Yes, I am uncomfortable in this journey yet very excited about accepting all the charges, challenges, and goals.

I love this quote because it helps me to understand and embrace the positive explosion which is taking place. So pull up a seat, grab your favorite beverage, embrace my highlight wheel of life as I know it and enjoy it! Loving life and living out loud please stay social with me as I am based in Atlanta, Georgia yet explore globally.

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