Why My Happy New Year Is My Birthday

A few years ago, 15 to be exact, I decide that my birthday would be the only Happy New Year I needed for various reasons. Although my reasons were personal I got a lot of people to buy into it and start making their birthdays the only the only new year they need. Here were the reasons I made the adjustment.

I got tired of the commercialism of celebrating the new year. Yes, it needs to be acknowledge however the big celebration is a bit too much for me everyday.
I have always been unique in my actions and celebrating the new year is too much like following the crowd for me,
I exercise year round so jump starting it during the new year is just insane and puts to many people in my exercise spaces for about 30 to 45 days when they ultimate go back to wherever they came from.
I do not make a whole lot of promises to or commitments to myself just because it is a new calendar year for world.

On my birthday,  each year in August,  I take stock of where I have been and where I want to go and compare it to my constantly evolving ninety day plan and five year plan. Then I celebrate my accomplishments both personal and professionally through different celebrations both big and small. I determine the big by whether or not I accomplished it right on schedule and I reward myself. The small is determined by accomplishing a goal but missing the timing mark and I celebrate it to. What have I gained by making my birthday my only new year? I gained a sense of focus regarding my life and life goals without all the hoopla and I a greater sense of accomplishment with each new birthday.  

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