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Hello Good People!

Welcome to Keystrokes By Kimberly. This my little piece of real estate on the World Wide Web since 2011. I express myself openly through this website. Keystrokes By Kimberly came about from a matter of the heart and has bloomed in greatness since that time. Funny how it happened however grateful at the same time. One day I will share my story for the world because I know you will appreciate it even more than I do.

For 2015 I will continue this little corner of the world to express myself and share things with you. I want my website to inspire you, to teach you and to entertain you! Yes, it is that simple.

Inspire you to the BEST you only you can become.
Teach you from my life’s experiences and others.
Entertain you to actually love out loud.

I no longer consider myself a blogger or this a blog. I am a Lifestyle Wordsmith and this is how I socially share with the world. Mindset is EVERYTHING and I quickly surpassed the blogger title because I simply did not fit into the Mommy Blogger category and my website talks about a little of everything. So what will you see differently in 2015?

1. A Technology and Business Section.

2. A website, newsletter and social media makeover to reflect my true image.

3. An Ask Kimberly section

4. Coverage of more events. Ex: Red Carpet, Movie Premieres & Reviews, Hotels etc…

5. Events hosted by myself throughout the world for you to enjoy.

6. Recapping of the hottest televisions shows.

7. Series by the month.

After I took my fourteen month journey of getting back to me I have redefined my favor, my dream and my vision. I am now managing my journey and dreams versus allowing distractions to delay my destiny. So I am going back to my basics and I invite you to join in the ride.

~ Photo Credit | The Kimberly Wright ~
~ Photo Credit | The Kimberly Wright ~

~ Who is Kimberly and how does she celebrate life? ~

Kimberly Wright is a natural leader, loving mother, pioneering Renaissance woman, prolific speaker, ardent philanthropist, multi-passionate entrepreneur, community advocate, keen wordsmith and publicist extraordinaire. She auspiciously pursues success, happiness and peace. Raised to reach for the stars and reared with the belief of “Service is the rent we pay for living…,” Kimberly is a naturally service oriented individual. At the core of Kimberly’s principles, is her passion for empowering single mothers and their children beyond measure, no matter the circumstances.

Kimberly is the proud business owner and CEO of JonAshton PR and Breathless Moments Media. JonAshton PR is a global boutique agency specializing in Public Relations, Branding, Marketing, Social Media Management and Publicist services. With over 20+ years in the business, JonAshton provides these services for authors, conferences, major events and speakers.

Keystrokes By Kimberly is a synergetic lifestyle website, which focuses on how individuals can live a positive and happy lifestyle through key areas such as your health, wealth, entertainment, travel and beyond!

Constantly channeling quality and trustworthy content through various avenues, Kimberly prides herself on being a viable referral source for amazing women, enlightened men and passionate youth. Her passion meets purpose as the “Go To” expert in public relations, conference development, event planning and travel.

Kimberly resides in Metro Atlanta with her delightfully humorous son, Jon and two beautiful golden retrievers, Bo & Luke.