The Social Media Of It All

Blogathon Bash ~ June 2013
Blogathon Bash ~ June 2013

Welcome to one of the Blogathon Challenges for June 2013. For more information on the Blogathon visit
Yes, I said the social media of it all and I do me all. Social Media wears SO many hats today it is pretty hard to keep up with all the happenings. It seems like as soon as you grasp and master the latest and greatest there is yet another one on the horizon for you. I mean look at the below picture!

The Social Media Of It All
The Social Media Of It All

We have Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Four Square, Tumblr, Meet Up, Blogger, Bebo, Good Reads, YouTube and more not to mention Vimeo, Google Circles, About Me, LinkedIn, Skype, MySpace (Yeah it is debuting again), Vine and more which are not even listed and this picture was just present about two months ago!

Finding our way through Social Media land and management can be rather interesting however every blog needs to be social and active button along with solid content. So what do I recommend? Well, here it is…

The Basics

β€’ About Me ~ :: Great simple site for any one that gives the basic info. People who do not do a lot on the internet love this as their website. Also, college student and artist embrace it as well to get their careers going. It serves as a resume and speaking tool for them. Surely, worth setting one up.
β€’ Facebook ~ :: Need I describe? Lol… The place where people get to constantly view what you allow them to about your life and/or business. Yes, personal and professional. πŸ˜‰
β€’ Twitter ~ :: Home of the 140 or less character stories! It makes you get creative and actually has become a reliable news source depending on who you follow such as AP Press, TMZ and CNN to name few.

The Intermediate
β€’ Instagram ~ :: My latest love affair. This is actually taking the place of Twitter for millions as they post directly to it and have their Twitter connected. You get to say a little more on Instagram and still get LIKES.
β€’ Pinterest ~ :: A visual persons dream. Here you have boards where you can have GREAT fun posting pictures of things you love.
β€’ Skype ~ :: This one saves you miles and time when meeting with clients, customers or family. You just log on via your computer, tablet or phone and have a face to face meeting like The Jetson did in that way cool cartoon which we are actually living these days.
β€’ Vimeo ~ :: The BEST thing such running water for self-made videos. Love it! It is so easy to make a good quality video with Vimeo.
β€’ Vine ~ Apple video app :: I do not completely get this however Foodies and DIY people LOVE it. In ten seconds they show the beginning, middle and end. Excellent for a visual blog.
β€’ YouTube and so much more are still out there. Do your research and embrace the ones which best fit you and your blog.

Blogathon Challenge
~ Create an About Me page and list your social media avenue links.

Mine are as follows:
β€’ Facebook:
β€’ Instagram:
β€’ LinkedIn:
β€’ Paper Daily:
β€’ Pinterest:
β€’ Skype: KeystrokesByKimberly
β€’ Tumbler:
β€’ Twitter:
β€’ Vimeo:
β€’ Vine:


Keystrokes By Kimberly is a synergy lifestyle blog which focuses on how to live a positive lifestyle. We cover every aspect of living a positive life from health, events, wealth, happiness, entertainment, travel and then some.


  1. Thanks for the tip – updated my page!

  2. I’m a bit confused. I tried to create an aboutme profile, but when I went to join it transferred me to blogster. Anyone else experience this?

    1. We can update together this weekend! Are you in? πŸ˜‰

      1. I need to. Maybe I should start with Pinterest.

        1. Yep… Let me know if you need assistance.

  3. I was going to look at your about me page and it says it does not exist. πŸ™ I will continue to work on mine and check back.

    1. I have been naughty. Lol… I will get it up today. I have more than one business venture and may not have completed it. Please forgive me.

  4. I made mine and I am very happy with it finally! πŸ™‚ My About me looks great.

    1. Love it! You did that. The only thing is I would reconsider is the blue writing against the purple background. Make it POP like your personality. πŸ™‚

  5. I forgot to leave all of my links. Lol.


    Thats all that I actually use. Lol.

  6. LInk to my page –
    Do I need to list the social media links here or are you referring to the links on my page?

    Kimberley, I couldn’t find your page.

    Great idea for mini challenge.

    1. Thanks! My apologies for all of my links not working. I am PR savvy vs technical savvy. ;-(

  7. Thank you! I updated my about me page with all my social media links and signed up for the few I wasn’t a member of.

    1. Yay Heather! You ROCK. Please post your link so that I see it. πŸ˜‰

  8. I was a bit confused about how to do this. Were the links supposed to be in the bio or somewhere else? Here’s my page:

    1. Hi Gillian ~ They may be on your blog or a part of your media kit. Where do you have them?

      1. I put them in the page listed above. Is that the wrong place?

        1. Hi Gillan ~ No there is not a wrong place for my mini challenges. I encourage freedom of expression. πŸ™‚

          1. Well in that case I’ll go ahead and put them here too:

            β€’ My blog:
            β€’ Twitter:
            β€’ Instagram:
            β€’ LinkedIn:
            β€’ Pinterest:
            β€’ Skype: gillianpearce


          2. Love your Instagram!

  9. I have a seperate contact page that has all of this, but I should more of my social media profiles especially since google + has been huge this year.

  10. Okay, I made one, and linked what I could:

    1. Lol ~ Was not prepared for the feet! Smh. Nice page. πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks! The feet are random I know. πŸ™‚

        1. Lol!!!! Perfectly you.

  11. Thanks for sharing. There are at least 3 social media sites that I had never even heard of, so I’m glad I am doing this challenge. I haven’t signed up for a few them yet, but I plan to. I have added the top three that I am on to my about me page. Thanks again!!!

    1. GREAT! Which ones are new to you?

  12. I already had an About Me page, but I added my social media icons to it.

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