3 Tips For Parents Who Hate Arguing About Screen Time

Nip Screen Time Wars in the Butt With These 3 Essential Tips

Do you sometimes feel like your house is a warzone, and devices are at the center of all your family’s arguments?

There is no better way to lose energy, build frustration, and set in motion a blazing trail of resentment than to fight with your kids. And when devices are involved? Tensions tend to get heated a lot faster, and stronger.

Photo Credit | The Medical Blog
Photo Credit | The Medical Blog

The thing is, most fights about screen time can be avoided altogether by not creating opportunities for them to arise. Here are three essential tips for ending screen time wars now for forever more:

1. Set Clear Expectations, and Enforce Them Consistently

Everyone needs to be on the same page about the rules you have in place about device use, and what happens if those rules are broken.

If you have a rule that your kids are only allowed screens after homework is complete, then don’t allow screens before homework is complete. Ever. No ifs, ands, or buts. Letting your child get away with breaking a rule once or twice may not seem like a big deal, but it loosens the boundaries you’ve set, and made them seem halfhearted.

Your kids should know what the consequences are if they do not keep in line with the rules you have set, whether that is a time out, or losing their device for a week. If there are arguments or lines are crossed, consistently enforce your consequences so your kids know you mean business.

2. Do not Participate

Arguments are two-way streets.

As long as your kid is clear on the rules that you have in place, and what your expectations are, there should be no need for a fight to take place. If one does, opt out… After all, you do not need to participate in every argument that is started.

The next time your kid tries to fight back against your limits, clarify your ‘terms’, stay calm, and then leave it at that. The less you engage, the quickly the heat will diffuse.

3. Use OurPact

OurPact is a ultimate secret to digital parenting.

This top-rated parental control app is essential for staying in control of screen time and preventing arguments before they can even start. Here is how it works:

After signing up for an account in the iOS or web parent app, you pair up any mobile Android or iOS child devices you want to manage. After that, you have complete control over Internet and app access on these devices through:

  • On-Demand Blocking: You choose a period of time you want to block access for, and then OurPact does the rest. This helps nip ‘a few more minute’ arguments in the butt immediately… If you ask once for devices to be turned off, and don’t get the response you were hoping for, OurPact will reinforce your word.
  • Screen Time Schedules: Set up schedules for time periods that you want children devices to automatically throttle into a blocked state, such as at bedtime or for a weekly tutor session. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that your kids device can’t be accessed, which means less peering over shoulders, more trust, and less fights. A win, win!

You can learn more about OurPact and sign up today for free by clicking here. (You won’t regret it, and that’s a promise!)

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